Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Take in the stunning beauty of Marquette County piece by piece with these picturesque digital jigsaw puzzles!

Need help? Find instructions on the bottom of the page.

Aerial drone shot of stand up paddling on Lake Superior

100 piece digital puzzle 

Note: You can change the number of pieces in the settings

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Big Bay Point Lighthouse sits high atop a cliff 

200 piece digital puzzle

Note: You can change the number of pieces in the settings

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Winter steam fog on Lake Superior in Lower Harbor

350 piece digital puzzle 

Note: You can change the number of pieces in the settings

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Save: Puzzles in progress are automatically saved so you can leave and return to them later. To continue a puzzle in progress simply select the same puzzle on the Jigsaw Explorer web site and continue play. Jigsaw Explorer will remember the ten most recently uncompleted puzzles. Puzzles can be saved only if your browser’s cookies are enabled and the puzzle is not being played in the browser’s privacy mode.

Rotate: Puzzle piece rotation can be enabled by toggling the button with the circular arrow icon on the small center panel that appears when you first load a puzzle. You can toggle rotation on or off after puzzle play has begun by clicking the menu button and selecting “Modify this Puzzle”.
When rotation is enabled the puzzle pieces can be rotated with either the mouse scroll wheel or by using the left and right arrow keys. Pieces can be rotated on a touch screen by selecting a piece with a tap and then continue tapping the selected piece to rotate it.

Capture and Release: The capture and release feature is a handy method of quickly and efficiently moving multiple puzzle pieces at a time. Use the “Capture and Release” button in the toolbar to toggle in and out of capture mode. Capture pieces by clicking them, or by swiping over them while pressing the mouse button. Release captured pieces by clicking in any open space of the playing area, or by swiping over open space while pressing the mouse button.

Timer: The timer can be paused by clicking it.

Restart Puzzle: A puzzle already in progress can be restarted from the beginning by clicking the program menu button (leftmost button on the toolbar) and selecting “Modify this puzzle” from the menu. Then select the desired number of puzzle pieces to restart the puzzle.

Shortcut keys:

Key – Description

b     – Momentarily display the box top cover

c     – Toggle capture and release mode on and off

p     – Pause the timer

r      – Rearrange loose, unmoved puzzle pieces

t      – Change the theme color

Esc – Dismiss messages, applause, capture mode, etc.  

Fuzzy pieces
: If the puzzle pieces appear a little fuzzy or slightly out of focus then your browser is probably applying too much scaling to the page. Try reducing the browser’s zoom setting for sharper looking puzzle pieces.