Summer Events 2017

With Summer just around the bend, it’s the perfect time to make those Summer plans you’ve been dreaming about all winter. And with over 50 events on our calendar, there’s plenty of awesome opportunities to take advantage of

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April Happenings


SmartPrize is a 10-day competition that brings the people with the ideas to the people with the money, think ‘Science fair meets Shark Tank.’ The second annual event will be held March 31st-April 9th in downtown Marquette; this year with

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5 Lookouts for the Northern Lights

One of the best parts of living in the Upper Peninsula is unquestionably the light shows the sky puts on for us. And with the Spring Equinox under effect, your odds of catching a glimpse of these glimmering greens, reds,

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Top Five Marquette County Beaches

With the sun working shorter nights and longer days and the snow slowly melting away, it is safe to say, beach season is finally on its way! From the sandy shores of McCarty’s Cove’s to the volcanic bluffs of Black

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The Best of Fat Biking

Out on the open trail— you’ll find ultimate freedom. Out here, you have the ability to leave everything but yourself behind and focus only on what lies ahead. The valleys and the peaks, accompanied solely by the sound of crunching

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5 Things to do in Spring

The thing about Spring is, you never know what the weather will bring. But for these five fun Spring-things, forecast doesn’t matter. Seriously, rain, shine, or snow, just go.


Whether to purchase or merely peruse? There’s a

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March in MQT means what?

For most of the Midwest, March means the start of Spring, for Marquette County, March is just another month of Winter. And with the rather meek January and February we’ve had, it’s safe to believe that March, though mild, stands

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What’s Next, Marquette County?

Tucked between miles of trails and trees, Marquette, a city set on the pristine coast of Superior, is a hub for recreation, relaxation, and education. It’s no secret that part of Marquette’s charm is its historic structures and laid back atmosphere,

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Fat Biking: Back to the Basics

Odds are if you live in Marquette and not under a rock, you’ve probably heard of fat biking by now, or you’ve at least seen someone out of your car window, on a freezing cold day, riding around the hilly

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The Scoop on Skijoring

In the world of Winter sports, Skijoring isn’t a particularly new scene, but this cutting-edge trend is rather recent to Marquette and the rest of the Midwest. Skijoring’s name and fame stem from its Norwegian origin: kikjøring, from the root

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Top 5 Marquette Mountain Features

Five Factors that set Marquette Mountain apart from the rest of Midwest Skiing

Natural Beauty

It’s no secret that Marquette Mountain has a Superior view. Seriously, if you’re on the slopes facing east, you can see the lake from almost

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Top 5 Winter Hiking Trails

Here in Marquette County, we take hiking seriously year-round. Every season has something specific and special to offer. So what do we have in the winter that the rest of the Midwest is missing? Unparalleled snowfall. Whether you’re hiking to

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5 Reasons Winter is Way Better

One of the best things about the Midwest is unquestionably the seasons.  And one reason Marquette County happens to be especially unique is because while it offers many of the same outdoor activities both in winter and summer, our chilly climate lends

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Escape Marquette

Ready, set, LOCKED in.

Tucked away under Washington street, down a set of stairs and behind a desk sits a cheery girl named Anna, just waiting to lock you up.

It sounds slightly sinister, but Escape Marquette

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Halloween Happenings

Marquette is full of spine-chilling, bar crawling, frightening festivities in the eerie nights leading up to Halloween. Here’s some events that are sure to be Halloween hits & favorites:

10/26: You know what they say about idle hands,

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Marquette County Disc Golf

Powder Mill Disc Golf Course, Marquette, MI

Powder Mills is the spark plug of disc golf courses here in Marquette County. Set amid rock outcroppings, forested ridges, and the Dead River, this 18 hole course is conveniently located

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Local Flavor

My favorite part of traveling anywhere is the food. And I’m not saying, “Aside from the people,” or, “Except for the scenery.” My favorite part is the food.

I had a Full English in Cambridge, Indian fish &

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Marji Gesick 100

September 24th marks the inaugural Marji Gesick 100. Sponsored by Border Grill, and The 906 Adventure Team, this 100 mile race sets out from North Marquette to Ishpeming, ascending almost 11,000 feet along the way. Participants have 12 hours

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Top 5 Fall Color Views

Nothing quite beats autumn in the Upper Peninsula. The days grow cooler, while the colors get warmer. And although peak season is only four short weeks (September 18th-October 14th), your experience will likely be nothing but sweet. Between the fiery

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Thrifting Marquette County

There’s some kind of magic in owning things with a history, a past you know little to nothing about.

Whether you like to research the pieces you find, or prefer a little mystery, it’s undeniable there’s a certain depth and richness

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Marquette South Trails

Countless hours of planning and labor have been poured into the Noquemanon Trail Network’s South Trails. This expansive trail system is the mountain biker’s ultimate playground. 72 bridges, 66 berms, and no shortage of tables, jumps, and drops help to

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This Weekend In Marquette

It’s The Weekend In Marquette

The guiding light of our Red Harbor Lighthouse started spinning 150 years ago in Marquette. Three decades later, an annual festival of the Italian culture begun in Ishpeming. 59 years passed, and over 175 artists and 10,000 people

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Marquette County Swimming Holes

Marquette County Swimming Holes Plug the words Heat Dome into your favorite search engine, and you’ll quickly realize that it may be a good idea to plan some escape routes from the summer sun. With a massive heat wave expected to

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Dining at My Place

We sat right by the window and it immediately felt like we were on vacation. We sipped on a glass of red wine and enjoyed the views of the rabbits and birds playing in the garden space.

To our surprise, we’ve

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Marquette Summer Music Festivals

The perfect summer day takes three types of waves, and standing where you are, wearing your finest summer sweat Glisten, only have the heat kind. Sure, sound waves might be tickling your ear drums from the fax machine that still,

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Getting Ready For Trails Fest Like A Local

One weekend, every June, hundreds of mountain biking, trail running, and hiking enthusiasts pack their gear and head to Marquette. A three-day long celebration of all things trails, Marquette Trails Fest hosts events for every silent sports enthusiast. This

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Dining at the Portside Inn

When the waitress recommends the breadsticks, you say yes.

It’s one of the first things we learn after walking into the Portside Inn, and sailing through time. This nautically themed old-style eatery is full of anchors, propellers and even has part

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5 Reasons: The Inaugural Spring Fermentation Celebration

Why not kick your summer off with a brew, or few, from one of Michigan’s hottest craft breweries?

Along with beer, wine from a few of Michigan’s finest vineyards, Michigan made cider even with live entertainment, The Spring Fermentation Celebration takes place

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The Iron Range Roll

For years, men and women toiled in the early mines and pioneer camps of Marquette’s Iron Range. Tipping a a helmet to our area’s rich mining history, the Iron Range Roll celebrates the rich history of the area with a

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The Michigan Iron Industry Museum

Imagine working in one of the Marquette County Iron Range’s mines in the mid-1800’s.

Upon entry into a narrow tunnel, the outside light begins to fade. Guiding you is only visual memory and the dim, flickering candle fastened to a canvas hat. Eyes

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The Harlow Lake Recreational Area

There are worse things to pair a long hike or bike ride with than miles of pristine Lake Superior beachfront backed by tall pine forests. Welcome to Harlow Lake recreational area, a hub for some of the most unforgettable views

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Four Waterfalls in One Afternoon.

Looking to hit multiple falls in a day? Do you have a bit of time between breakfast and the beach, or between lunch and jumping off Black Rocks, or even (because the days will only get longer from here on out)

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Eating at Congress Pizza


The hardest thing about going to Congress Pizza in Ishpeming is leaving.

There’s the namesake pizza, of course, in all its flat-crust, secret-sauce, handmade cudighi glory. Cudighi? It’s a spicy sausage originating from Italy, but it’s popularity in the UP rivals

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Dining at The Up North Lodge

Located directly on snowmobile trail, the Up North Lodge in Gwinn is one of the greatest epicurean hidden treasures in Marquette County.

Traveling to the Up North Lodge takes you away from the congestion of downtown eateries, instead it immerses

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A Trip To The Harlow Lake Cabins

We hadn’t received new snow in at least five days, and what was on the ground had settled into a crust, crisscrossed by animal and human tracks, lain to melt among fallen pine needles and deer poop. The sky was

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Ski Jumping at Suicide Bowl

You’ve probably watched ski jumping on TV, or at the very least gaped at the spandex-clad men and women who have mastered the art of straight-lining it down a ramp and through the air with a pair of cartoonishly-large skis

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Dining at Piedmont

You may at some point while staying in the Midwest grow tired of going out for a burger and fries.

You may even, at some point, decide that meeting a friend for dinner shouldn’t feel hurried but instead that it should

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A Day in Big Bay

North of Marquette, a certain corridor of pines is home to scores of secret hiding places. A haven of rivers, rock outcrops, mountains, and beaches—County Road 550 traces the shoreline of Lake Superior for about 25 miles from Marquette to

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The Downtown Showdown

For a single Saturday in February, cars, trucks, and bicycles are replaced by skiers and snowboarders on the streets of Downtown Marquette. Rather than removing snow, truckloads of snow are brought in to fill the streets with jumps and rails

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Racing the 906 Polar Roll

Unpredictable weather is no stranger to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but when guessing what the weather is going to be like in mid-February, cold and snowy is a pretty safe bet.  Another safe bet is that no matter how cold and

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What It’s Like to Race The UP200

Staying in rhythm is Liza’s biggest job on the trail.

Off the trail, it’s much of the same. Imagine feeding a whole team of sled dogs everyday.

For a team of 22, that’s about 45 pounds of food daily. Now consider caring

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5 Tips To See The Northern Lights

Getting a photo of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, or most commonly referred to as Holy smokes, what’s that in the sky?, isn’t exactly easy. For starters, they’re largely unpredictable. Next, they’re hard to find, most of the time you need to

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Marquette Mountain Giveaway


Marquette Mountain Giveaway Rules and Regulations


Contest Rules




  1. Eligibility Marquette Mountain and Hotel Giveaway

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El Niño in Marquette

Predicting the weather in Marquette is hard. Predicting the weather in Marquette a whole season in advance? That’s just madness. Predicting El Nio in Marquette is no different than any other winter.  Does anyone remember Lake Superior ice bergs in

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How To Enjoy November In Marquette

The fall colors are now on the ground and, unfortunately, the white stuff hasn’t quite joined the party yet. Popular belief will tell you that November in Marquette is the blandest of months, but that doesn’t mean you have to

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The Coffee Ride

Wake up, make a pot of coffee, shower (maybe), get dressed, drink coffee, eat food, and head to work. That’s my general weekday routine, tried and true, uninspired.

At least four out of five weekdays anyways.

But on that other day, we

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Crashing the Marquette Enduro

This is how I imagined my first Marquette Enduro bike race coming up this Sunday, October 4th:

A tangled mess of girl, bike, dirt, and brilliant autumn leaves.

Beyond certain self-injury in the name of my perverse sense of pride, I imagine

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Most Haunted Places in Marquette County

Marquette County indubitably has an abundance of events, activities, and places to explore year round. So it’s no surprise that we’ve got Halloween covered for all persons and ages. But aside from the annual Halloween festivities that take place downtown,

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All About Blackrocks Brewery

In a typical year, Marquette County’s restaurant patios are covered with snow by late November, and they often don’t open again until the middle of May. That doesn’t stop locals and visitors from celebrating the area’s four distinct seasons with

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Making it to Top of the World

A lot of places can reasonably claim to be at the “top of the world.” The Himalayan Range, for instance, which is the world’s tallest mountain chain, or the Tibetan Plateau, its highest plain. Slightly lower, but still lofty, places

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So You Want to Climb Hogback?

For such a prominent peak, Hogback inspires plenty of uncertainty. Its name is the subject of some confusion: Many visitors, and even some locals, refer to it as “Hogsback.” Most maps drop the ‘s,’ though, so we’ll follow their lead.