Travel Marquette County

The arrival of winter in Marquette County brings snowy days, quiet nights and the healthy jolt of icy air with every morning. The Northern Lights dancing over Lake Superior warm us from the inside out. For us, winter means the anticipation of an untouched trail after a fresh snowfall. Whether it’s a snowshoe to the peak of Hogback Mountain or a fatbike ride along the South Trails, winter in Marquette County is unforgettable. Will you make the journey?

The Dead River in winter near Marquette Michigan.


There’s a reason they call it Human Nature. We were meant to be outdoors. We were meant to play under the big blue sky. We were meant to adventure beyond our own backyard; to feel the sun and wind on our faces.

Travel to a place where humans and nature go together in every minute, every day and all year, always.

Embrace your natural identity in Marquette County, Michigan.

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 Photography by Aaron Peterson