Travel Marquette County

Nestled against 83 miles of sandy Lake Superior shoreline, Marquette County is home to some of the most secluded beaches in the U.S. Beaches perfect for cooling off after summiting Sugarloaf Mountain or after ripping singletrack all day.
Beaches that redefine summertime. Retreat, relax, revive in Marquette County.


Stand Up Paddling SUP on Lake Superior at Marquette, Michigan.

There’s a reason they call it Human Nature. We were meant to be outdoors. We were meant to play under the big blue sky. We were meant to adventure beyond our own backyard; to feel the sun and wind on our faces.

Travel to a place where humans and nature go together in every minute, every day and all year, always.

Embrace your natural identity in Marquette County, Michigan.

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 Photography by Aaron Peterson