Motorcycle touring along Lake Superior.
One of Marquette's 77 waterfalls!
Mountain bikers on Marquette's south trails
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Carp River Falls

Making The Most of Every Season

Whitewater KayakingWe believe in making the most of every season in Marquette County. We offer opportunities to explore beautiful spring in Marquette County through kayaking, biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, hunting for waterfalls and so much more! Our miles of extensive trails and amazing hikes to magnificent views offer everyone the chance to experience the beautiful spring season unique to the U.P. So what are you waiting for?  This is your invitation to find your human nature in Marquette County, don’t let spring slip by without visiting one of Marquette County’s many magical waterfalls. Contact us at 906.228.7749 and ask for your very own copy of our hike & bike guide or waterfall maps.

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What's your human nature?

The Catch and Cook Program

The Landmark Inn will be collaborating with the Day Break Charter fishing guides to offer a unique opportunity titled “Catch and Cook”. Participants will take part in a chartered fishing excursion, after which the Day Break Charter crew will transport the catch to the Landmark Inn to be prepared by their renowned chefs. The fishing adventures include offshore fishing trips to the famous Stannard Rock which is about 60 miles off shore from Marquette.  If you are more interested in fishing closer to shore  there is also the opportunity to fish for species such as Lake Trout, King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout. The beauty of the Marquette area surrounds you and fish are usually found within 5 miles of shore. All fishing tackle and gear is provided for you with every trip and your catch will be cleaned and packed for you upon arrival to land. Read More

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5 Weird Winter Activities Near Marquette

Whether or not you want to believe it, winter is upon us here in Michigan. Marquette county and numerous others in the Upper Peninsula experienced its first major snowfall here in mid-November. So instead of sitting inside and sipping your cup of coffee in disgust, here’s five “weird” winter activities that you can do in Marquette county that will be sure to get you outside and doing things in the snow you’d probably never dreamt of.

winter kayaking marquette michigan1. Winter Kayaking

Cold-weather sea kayaking is one of the “hidden-gem” recreational activities one can do in the county. Prior to when winter works its frozen magic along the shores of Lake Superior and the pack ice arrives in late January, kayakers can float along the Marquette coast to take in the cosmic views of the arching coastline cliffs and pristine pine forests as fresh layers of white powder dust the landscape.

Some of the most incredible winter kayaking conditions occurs in late winter as the pack ice breaks up and blue-skied March days roll in. Floating between gigantic fresh water icebergs and into icicle-crested sandstone coves along the coast is an activity that is sure to take your breath away.

2. Surfing Superior

There are plenty of people who travel south to ride the ocean’s waves on a surfboard, but mighty Lake Superior provides some of the most stellar fresh water surfing conditions on planet earth!

Great Lakes surfing on Lake Superior at Marquette, Michigan.Surfers, wrapped tightly in their thick wet suits, take to the greatest Great Lake between January and March to ride the clean and frequent surf of Superior’s shallows. Great Lakes surfing differs from that of salt-water ocean surfing in that the season is a bit shorter and the prime lake waves, ranging anywhere from 6-12 ft. in height, are accompanied by a generous amount of wind that rushes over the lakes surface. No fret, as this wind assures great wave action and plenty of fun!

Some hot spots in Marquette county to hang ten are Gitchi Gumi, located along M-28 due just east of Harvey in Au Train, Michigan. Hit the beach at the roadside park across from the Gitchi Gumi RV Park for some excellent wave action and spectacular coastline views. Another favorite is that of “The Zoo”. By far the most popular surfing spot in Marquette city limits, “The Zoo” is actually the rocky coastline of Middle Bay that runs along the back side of Presque Isle Park in Marquette. Surf parallel to the rocky shore about 100 feet out for some of the best surf you’ll find in the Great Lakes.

trennary outhouse races near marquette michigan (2)3. Outhouse Races

Held every year in the small town of Trenary, MI on the last weekend of February, the Trenary Outhouse Classic brings thousands of people from miles around to take part in watching some hilarious winter outhouse races.

Teams decorate and prepare an outhouse, fitted on a set of skis with push handles extending from its outside walls, and dash their themed “poo-machine” down Main Street in a race to the finish. Fun for all ages to watch and to take part, head to little Trenary and check out this comical winter event!

4. Ice Climbing

Ice climbers on a frozen waterfall at Michigan Ice Fest near Munising Michigan.When it comes to ice climbing, there’s no doubt that northern Michigan is the premier destination in the Midwest. With incredible Lake Superior coastline cliffs that rise nearly 200 feet about the frozen water’s surface, magnificent waterfalls and clean water run-offs freeze over to create glistening ice walls that make for a climber’s paradise.

Popular climbs in Marquette County include AAA Wall in Big Bay, MI, The Lakeshore Climb and the Grotto in Marquette’s city limits, and Happy Rock due just north of Michigamme, MI. For even more serious climbing, head east to Alger County and check out the gigantic Pictured Rocks in Munising. The national lakeshore provides some of the best ice climbing walls in the nation!

5. Ice Luge

Negaunee, MI is home to olucy hill luge track negaunee michigan1ne of the nation’s best kept secrets when it comes to winter sports. Open to the public, the Naturbahn (Natural Track) Luge course is the only vintage-style unrefrigerated luge hill in the United States and one of only five lighted luge hills in the world. Olympic hopefuls train on this grueling natural ice course which is bordered by wooden walls and snowbanks.

For $10, the general public can receive equipment and luge instruction aboard a Naturbahn luge sled. These old fashioned wooden sleds are equipped with metal runners and are steered by the riders’ feet, hands, and body weight. If you’re making a trip through Marquette County this winter and are looking for an inexpensive thrill, then make a quick stop to the Naturbahn for a steep and slippery adventure!