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Making The Most of Every Season

Whitewater KayakingWe believe in making the most of every season in Marquette County. We offer opportunities to explore beautiful spring in Marquette County through kayaking, biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, hunting for waterfalls and so much more! Our miles of extensive trails and amazing hikes to magnificent views offer everyone the chance to experience the beautiful spring season unique to the U.P. So what are you waiting for?  This is your invitation to find your human nature in Marquette County, don’t let spring slip by without visiting one of Marquette County’s many magical waterfalls. Contact us at 906.228.7749 and ask for your very own copy of our hike & bike guide or waterfall maps.

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What's your human nature?

The Catch and Cook Program

The Landmark Inn will be collaborating with the Day Break Charter fishing guides to offer a unique opportunity titled “Catch and Cook”. Participants will take part in a chartered fishing excursion, after which the Day Break Charter crew will transport the catch to the Landmark Inn to be prepared by their renowned chefs. The fishing adventures include offshore fishing trips to the famous Stannard Rock which is about 60 miles off shore from Marquette.  If you are more interested in fishing closer to shore  there is also the opportunity to fish for species such as Lake Trout, King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout. The beauty of the Marquette area surrounds you and fish are usually found within 5 miles of shore. All fishing tackle and gear is provided for you with every trip and your catch will be cleaned and packed for you upon arrival to land. Read More

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Introducing the Chocolay River Brewery!

For folks who live in Chocolay Township, just southeast of the city of Marquette, the Bayou Restaurant and Bar has long been a popular neighborhood hangout. In fact, it’s arguably the best-known restaurant in town, at least if you’re going by its catchy television advertising campaign.

The place has always had a liquor license and does a brisk trade in the evenings, but this year has brought a very exciting development that puts it among a select group of eating establishments in Marquette County — actually, in the whole U.P. Back at the beginning of August, the Bayou began serving its own beer, brewed on site, for the very first time.

Introducing Chocolay River Brewery

According to manager Kris Laforge, brewing beer at the Bayou’s newly christened Chcolay River Brewery “just seemed like the thing to do.” But you can’t accuse the Bayou of shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon. The restaurant’s owners tapped a well-respected local homebrewer, Grant Lyke, to get its brewing operation off on the right foot. There are already about a half-dozen beers on tap, with room for twice that number.

For now, Lyke and the crew mostly concentrate on “drinkable, mass appeal” beers like blueberry wheat ale, pale ale and blonde ale, though there are some darker numbers — including a black IPA, which is an increasingly popular brew in craft beer circles — thrown in too. Once Chocolay River Brewery gets into a production rhythm, look for more unusual seasonals, cask ales and other items designed to appeal to discerning drinkers.

Unfortunately, Michigan’s complex alcohol distribution laws make it unlikely that Chocolay River Brewery will begin bottling and distributing its beers anytime soon. It’s more likely that the establishment will apply for a festival license and get permission to sell at festivals and events across the state. Laforge is a big proponent of this step, “for partly self interested reasons,” she says: Her son is getting married next year, and she’d love to have a couple Chocolay kegs on hand.

Winning Over the Skeptics

While craft beer is increasingly popular in Marquette County, it’s still contending with some skepticism. Until recently, Laforge has been one of those skeptics — “more of a Miller Lite fan,” she says, not a lover of complex craft beers. But all the Chocolay River brews she’s tried have exceeded her expectations. “I could easily convert to this stuff,” she quips. So if you’re not sold on the whole craft beer thing, why not give the Bayou’s new brewery a try? You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

What Else Is on the Menu?

If beer isn’t your thing, or you need something to soak up all the suds, note that the Bayou has a full food menu. For breakfast, try:

  • Eggs any way, plus sausage, bacon, hash browns and other fixins’
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • Cinnamon French toast
  • Pancake stacks
  • Build your own omelette
  • About 10 omelette varieties
  • Oatmeal, potato melts and more

For lunch and dinner, the Bayou offers:

  • Cudighi, cheese steak, reuben and club sandwiches
  • Chicken-bacon, Caesar and vegetarian wraps
  • About a dozen varieties of burgers and dogs
  • A Friday night fish fry
  • Ribs, steaks, dinner salads and more!

The Bayou Restaurant and Chocolay River Brewery is located in Chocolay Township/downtown Harvey, just off U.S. Highway 41. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, so it’s always a good time to stop by and see what’s cooking (or brewing). Hope to see you there soon!