Travel Marquette County

Stay awhile where the deep blue of Lake Superior meets the shimmering Northern Lights. Where lodging accommodations exceed your expectations, with views and amenities that rival those of the finest destinations in the world. Where delectable cuisine is served with craft beer coaxed from the purest ingredients.

There’s a reason they call it Human Nature. We were meant to be outdoors. We were meant to play under the big blue sky. We were meant to adventure beyond our own backyard; to feel the sun and wind on our faces.

Travel to a place where humans and nature go together in every minute, every day and all year, always.

What’s your human nature? Whatever it is, you’ll find it here in Marquette County, Michigan.

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 Photography by Aaron Peterson

April Beer of the Month – Ore Dock Brewing Company’s Dead River Drops Saison

Spring in Marquette County is also waterfall season. With over seventy waterfalls spread across the county’s rugged and pristine terrain, these majestic natural landmarks carve out a true part of the area’s identity. Not only are these fresh waterfalls enjoyed by thrill seekers, hikers and tourists alike, but they also make a big impression on local businesses, including the Ore… Read More

5 Reasons to Get Excited for Ore Dock Brewing Company’s 2nd Annual Festival of The Angry Bear!

As the weather in Marquette County is caught in transition between winter and spring, there’s more than one thing warming up in northern Michigan! The second annual Festival of the Angry Bear, a beer, music, food and costume event, is gaining popularity in Marquette and is something you must experience! Our friends from Ore Dock Brewing Company have contributed this… Read More

Three Must See Waterfalls in Marquette County

April in Marquette brings warmer sunny days along with spring showers and melting snow, which creates spring runoff and a great time to explore the many waterfalls in the area. Marquette County is home to more waterfalls than any other county in Michigan. Here are three falls that are worth exploring due to their easy access and immense beauty. 1…. Read More