Travel Marquette invites our hospitality & business community to actively engage in tourist activities in Marquette County. Experience Marquette County first hand and share OurVoice more naturally, enthusiastically, and specifically with guests!

When you talk about a restaurant, we want you to be able to describe the flavor, atmosphere, & feeling you had. The annual program hosts four bus tours, taking registrants on a variety of activities. Each month, we host an educational or interactive learning session in our Travel Marquette office to keep you up to date on trends, events, marketing tips, and more. Registration is free and open to all business owners, managers, & staff of Marquette County hospitality & retail organizations.

OurVoice 2018 Schedule

OurVoice: We Are Events – Register

 June 18, 5-7pm

Let Travel Marquette introduce you to the world of tourism events, upcoming events, the benefit to our community and how you can use events to support & market your own business.


OurVoice: We Are Beach Ready

July, 12-4pm – TOUR

Travel Marquette is hitting the road and they’re taking you with them! This four-hour tour will give attendees a taste of Lake Superior and the expansive network of public beaches. With over 80 miles of shoreline, there is always a slice of beach for whatever you’re looking for. We’ll show you a serene spot for reading a book and then take you to the popular beach for a rowdy day of fun. We’ll enjoy lunch on the lakeshore and revel in the incredible U.P. summer.


OurVoice: We Are Culture and History

August, 5-7pm

Marquette County is a place where past and present often mingle. This class will feature a presentation on popular destinations and activities for tourists. Special guest speakers will take attendees on an in-depth adventure through time and the developing culture surrounding our region.


OurVoice: We Are Trail Ready

September, 5-7pm

October doesn’t mean the end for trail junkies. Marquette County hosts 80 miles of groomed fat bike trails and an expansive Nordic ski network. This class will showcase the many ways, and places, you can enjoy the trails year round. The special guest speaker will give up-to-date information on new trails and trends.


OurVoice: We are Falling for Fall

October – TOUR

Every year, as the air turns cool, we watch with anticipation as the colors quietly change to vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. All around the world, people gaze on with fascination for that long-awaited “peak week” of exploding colors. This class will showcase popular lookouts, hikes and other secrets to falling in love with Fall in Marquette County.


OurVoice: We Are Foodies

November, 5-7pm

Celebrate with us! This is our annual capstone OurVoice class giving a taste of locally owned restaurants. Our guest speaker will feature a presentation on effective digital marketing for restaurants. Show up hungry for a sampling of up to 15 businesses, including scrumptious bakeries and coffee shops.



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Marquette County Convention & Visitors Bureau
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