Explore Like A Local 🧭

Plan Ahead ✔️

Check the weather. Your day pack may include a trash bag, refillable water bottle, snacks, umbrella, insect repellent and sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, GPS or map and compass.

Pack In, Pack Out 🎒

Inspect your rest area for wrappers, trash or spilled food. Pack out all litter. Leave the site in better condition than when you arrived.

Stay On The Trail 🥾

Use existing trails and rest sites. Walk single file in the middle of the trail.

Leave What You Find 🌿

Preserve the past: examine rocks, plants, and historical artifacts.

Respect Wildlife 🦊

Observe wildlife from a distance and never feed or handle wild animals. Control pets at all times.

Be Courteous 😊

Respect other visitors and be trail-friendly. Let the sounds of nature prevail.

Have Fun 👍

Wherever you go, enjoy the beauty of Marquette Co.

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 Thanks for pledging the Marquette Effect for your next visit!