7 Fall Festivities for Families

Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest (Oct. 6) is full of fall family fun for all. With harvest themed activities, food trucks, drinks, live music, and more—there’s tons to explore on the 100 block of Baraga Ave. from 3-7:30pm. Face painting, chalk

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Three ‘Easy’ Hikes for Kids

Hiking is a great way to expose your kids to the incredible world of the great outdoors. Science proves that hiking with your kids from a young age can positively affect both their mental and physical health—and since we

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Three Easy Access Waterfalls

Looking to find some family-friendly waterfalls? We’ve got you covered. And while these falls are fairly accessible—we definitely don’t recommend rushing.

Morgan Falls

If there were a difficulty rating for Marquette waterfall access, Morgan Falls would be the bunny hill. But despite its

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Self-Guided City Bike Tour

Marquette is known for its natural beauty and local culture. This 12.4-mile bicycle day tour will take you to breathtaking outdoor scenery, world-renowned architecture, tasty local delicacies, and some excellently crafted caffeine concoctions!





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Where to Catch the Northern Lights with Kids

Tracking the Northern Lights can be tough, and adding kids to the mix only makes it more challenging, but experiencing the phenomenon as a family—absolutely priceless. It’s said solar activity is higher during and around the autumn and spring equinoxes,

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Awesome Ways to Spend Rainy Days

You can plan the perfect vacation, but you can’t predict the weather. However, you can always have an A+ backup plan. Here are 5 family-friendly indoor activities for drizzly days in Marquette County.

Solve Mysteries

If you’re going to be

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Four Family-friendly Pizza Parlors

The term ‘pizza parlor’ may sound dated, but we promise pizza parlors will NEVER be a thing of the past. Here’s 4 family-friendly pizza joints that are servin’ up some seriously mouth-watering slices.

Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill, Marquette

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5 Reasons to Ski Marquette Mountain

1) Natural Beauty

It’s no secret that Marquette Mountain has some Superior views. Seriously, if you’re on the slopes facing east, you can see the lake from many of the lifts and peaks. And whether you prefer your terrain rugged

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Best Family-Friendly Beaches

From the sandy shores of McCarty’s Cove’s to the ancient bluffs of Black Rocks, when it comes to beaches Marquette County has Superior coverage. So, what are you waiting for? Set up your umbrella and towel and soak it up.


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What’s the Scoop?

The only thing better than a hot summer day is some cold ice cream to go with it.

Make your visit to Marquette County so much sweeter with these 4 must-stop ice cream shops.


Donckers is the perfect spot to

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