Our Voice

Travel Marquette invites our hospitality & business community to actively engage in tourist activities in Marquette County. Experience Marquette County first hand and share OurVoice more naturally, enthusiastically, and specifically with guests! When you talk about a restaurant, we want you to be able to describe the flavor, atmosphere, & feeling you had. The annual program hosts four bus tours, taking registrants on a variety of activities. Each month, we host an educational or interactive learning session in our Travel Marquette office to keep you up to date on trends, events, marketing tips, and more.

Registration is free and open to all business owners, managers, & staff of Marquette County hospitality & retail organizations.

2017 Schedule and Registration

We are Social Media

June 21st – OurVoice: We are Social Media-
Travel Marquette invites you to a basic “how to” social media course introducing you to tips and tricks for maximizing your online reach including how to create & design professional looking social media posts for free.

We are Lake Superior Tour

July 25th Tour – OurVoice: We Are Lake Superior – Travel Marquette is hitting the road and they’re taking you with them. The OurVoice July tour will take you on an adventure surrounding the largest of our Great Lakes including paddle sports, history, lunchtime lakeshore views, & more.

We are Hospitality

August 22nd – OurVoice: We are Hospitality – Round Table Discussion What does hospitality mean to YOU and YOUR organization? Help Travel Marquette best represent you in our marketing efforts.

We are Arts Culture

September 19th – OurVoice: We are Arts & Culture –
Marquette is known far and wide for our outdoor recreation & natural haven. Growing in popularity is our incredibles arts & culture scene. Join Travel Marquette for a two hour, classroom-style presentation showcasing the Arts & Culture offerings of Marquette County.

We are Farm-Friendly Tour

October 17th – OurVoice: We are Farm Friendly Tour –
Travel Marquette is hitting the road and they’re taking you with them. You’re invited on a fall color tour featuring our local farms & scenic drives at peak color & harvest season. Eco-tourism is the new travel trend. Learn how our local farms work & how your guests can eat local, fresh food.

We are Foodies

November 14th- OurVoice: We are Foodies – Travel Marquette invites you to a complimentary, classroom-style presentation on the expansive food scene in Marquette County. From Cajun Creole to German Delights, Marquette County is leaving no taste bud unsatisfied. This special capstone presentation to complete our 2017 Inaugural OurVoice Program will take place from 12-2pm with samples of a variety of restaurants.


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