Mountain Biking

3 Trail Networks – Over 150 Miles of Singletrack

Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN)

Most people know these trails as the “South Trails” or “North Trails”. The NTN trail system is build with all rider styles and skills

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Fat Biking

3 Trail Networks – 60 Miles of Groomed Trails

Marquette County is home to 60 snowy miles of groomed fat bike trails, including the Noquemanon SBR + NSBR (snowbike route and north snowbike route), and the RAMBARead More

Marji Gesick

Here’s the low-down on the Marji Gesick. Ready? This race is:

Now part of the NUE (National Ultra Endurance) Race Series. We’re proud to be part of it and cannot wait to introduce racers from across the country to our hidden

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906 Polar Roll

We started a race…

That has turned into an adventure. Three years ago, we had directed a grand total of ZERO races. Saying our team was inexperienced would be an understatement. We didn’t know what we were getting into but we

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Fat Biking: Back to the Basics

Odds are if you live in Marquette and not under a rock, you’ve probably heard of fat biking by now, or you’ve at least seen someone out of your car window, on a freezing cold day, riding around the hilly

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Noquemanon Trail Network

The Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN) develops and maintains an interconnected, year-round, non-motorized land and water trail network in Marquette County in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The NTN has created miles of single track trails for residents and visitors to enjoy hiking, mountain biking,

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Bike Rentals In Marquette


There are several rental shops in Marquette County, from bikes designed for casual biking like the Iron Ore Heritage Trail to Fatbikes, intended for snow travel.

Each shop offers differing varieties of bikes and safety equipment. These supplies are constantly being

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Hiking and Biking in Marquette County

The Noquemanon Trail Network creates a community with trails leading from schools, downtowns, and neighborhoods to each other and out into our beautiful wilderness areas. The network is an important asset to the health of our residents and economy. Their mission

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Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic

The O2S is a point-to-point race, with riders gearing up at the start line in Negaunee, where in 1844 iron ore was first discovered in the Superior region. The long distance course travels through Ishpeming, past towering head frames from

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Red Earth Classic

This annual event includes three races – 35 miles and 18 miles for all ages and 2.5 miles for youths. Come ride the amazing trail-system that has so much to offer! The festival at Al Quaal Recreation Area will be fun for

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Iron Range Roll

The Iron Range Roll is a relay/run/bicycle event that celebrates the heritage and recreational culture of Marquette County – all in the name of giving back to our community’s youth through the YMCA of Marquette County’s Reach & Rise youth

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Marquette Trails Festival

The Marquette Trails Festival is a multi-day celebration of the non-motorized trails in Marquette. It consists of multiple events, both competitive and recreational, that showcase the many ways that the trails are used. Events include mountain bike racing, trail runs,

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Harlow Lake

With four incredible vistas — Hogback, Top of the World, Sugarloaf, and Bareback — the Harlow Lake area offers the best Lake Superior overlooks in the county. Put on your running shoes, hiking boots, snow shoes or skis and hit

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